No matter how small we see things, they can have a great impact on us and lead us to drastic changes. a lot of girls nowadays are devastated, thinking about the money lost on totally nothing, noticing the fat all around their bodies that they didn’t actually give enough attention to ( a big topic that I’m not gonna write about today). But ever asked yourself ”why this is happening to me?” Well, I have the answer for you honey; it’s because you’re not productive enough, not active enough, not taking care of yourself enough, simple as that.

So it’s time to stop just sitting there, feeling comfortable in being a couch potato, eating pizza and sleeping the whole weekend! Seriously, STOP THE SH*T. Get out of your comfort zone and try these 6 habits to add more quality to your life… Thank me later.

1-Wake up earlier.

I know it seems so hard and over sad but, as you got up and get like one to two things done before you even go to work/ school, it’ll set you in a way better mood, and make you feel confident and productive the whole day long. Just give your body some time to get used to it; it’ll become such an easy thing to do.

2-Prepare your meals instead of wasting money on junk food.

This will help you to improve your life even if you’re not doing it for the sake of getting healthier. It is so beneficial; you’ll save some extra money, know what you are actually eating, feel better and beat laziness which is the essence of this topic.

3-Read at least 1 chapter every other day.

Reading makes a huge difference in the way we are, the way we converse and think. i chose every other day instead of a daily basis because some of you may feel forced to do this, and eventually getting bored with it, which gonna probably make you lose motivation, and we don’t want this to happen. Consider reading books/ articles as doing squats to your brain lol. Seriously you wanna enhance your vocabulary and be more creative, don’t give upon this habit.

4-Go for walk.

It’s so simple right? But you’re not doing it! This will make your heart survive more firstly, secondly take the opportunity and think about your decisions, your reactions about a particular subject and things that you need or free your mind from memories that bind. so you will do two things simultaneously; working your legs and your brain as well 😉

5-Exercise regularly.

Yes, exercising has a lot of mental and physical benefits

  • Boosts energy
  • Weight control
  • Combats health condition and diseases
  • Improves the mood
  • Promotes better sleep
  • And it’s fun!

When you start exercising, always remember why you started; set goals, challenge yourself BUT be realistic.

6-Have a break day.

Pick one day of the week thus you can make your shit together. I highly recommend this for you guys because,without breaks, you’re gonna feel forever tired. Spoil yourself. Go shopping, go have a massage, paint your nails, take care of your hair and facial skin … the list never ends. Just make sure to stay committed to this habit; it’s the real clue to stick in that lifestyle you chose for yourself.


Our habits make us. Cultivating the habits afore mentioned will send you in the right direction. They’ll help you to lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life, whereby you cultivate the best within yourself.

so girls or women, whoever reading this, take this piece of advice and build strong habits, nothing can be done and things aren’t going to happen if you didn’t work for them and do the effort to achieve them! Goodluck.