Who wants to lose extra money for things that are actually unnecessary? There are all kinds of little tricks you can use that will make applying cosmetics much easier and ensure that you always have the look you are going for. Say welcome to these 7 makeup hacks that you will absolutely be amazed of how they work:

   1-Start with your eyes then the rest of your face.

Start with your eye makeup first! This means any fallout won’t ruin your foundation as you can easily wipe it away before. (You don’t wanna ruin your glam just because you accidentally touched your cheeks with your eyeliner… lol).

   2-Blow dry lash curler before using it.

Blow dry your lash lift because the heat helps your lashes stay curled longer. I don’t remember where I read about this but it’s really working, just make sure you’re not using water proof mascara! Ps: it perfectly works with eye extensions too.

   3-Damp your beauty blender before using it.

Wet your sponge before setting your foundation or concealer. Do this whenever you need long lasting makeup, either you’re going out on a date or hanging out with your girlz, you want things to last in place…

   4-Don’t lose your old mascara; you need its wand for your eyebrows!

Did you know that you can do things with your old mascara brush? When your mascara is all dried up, take the brush and clean it off using a dry paper napkin and rub off any of the leftovers of your mascara till you get it clean and voila! You can use it for brushing your eyebrows to make them nice and tidy.

   5-Put your concealer under your brows.

Never give up on putting concealer under your brows, believe me, it gives such a quick result of nice and shaped brows.

   6-Use a white liner for your lips.

Highlighting the vermilion border of your lips with a white liner when your facial skin meets with your lips skin, this will give the illusion of more defined lips. It’s more helpful for people with lips injection.

   7-Use angled brush to apply lipstick/gloss.

Using an angled brush for applying a lipstick is one of the best hacks I could possibly give you, with it, you can control every little tiny corner of your lips and make sure that everything is well covered.