So you decide to get your first tattoo? Ahaa I see! In this article, I’m not gonna talk about the degree of pain in every area of your body, nor giving you some examples of cute tattoos. I’m writing this actually about couple of things you need to remember to make sure that your tattoo heals properly, faster and stay fresh.

So after the tattoo artist has finished the tattoo, he/she going to put a little bit of antibacterial cream, and they’re going to wrap it in like a cling wrap. Once you get home, you better take the cling wrap off in order to let the air flow over the area. After two or three hours, you’re going to notice that your tattoo is feeling a little bit slimy and it’s gonna look kinda shiny and that is just excess plasma, so don’t panic, it’s okay; time to get a shower!

Wait! Before taking a shower, you have to make sure that the water is not much hot as you usually use it, don’t make it cold but make it cool; not warm, not cold ;).

Now when you’re in the shower, you wanna use a low alcoholic soap. My boyfriend tend to use something like Dove because it’s kinda softer, less harsh on the skin and has fewer chemicals, so you wanna actually rinse off any excess of ink, blood, plasma and augment. Don’t be afraid of touching the tattoo, I know it s gonna feel like a scab like you have just fallen over, don’t be afraid, because rinsing off the augment is so important to make your tattoo really really clean.

One important thing after you’ve had a shower, DONT rub the tattoo!! All you wanna do is grab a clean towel and again DO NOT rub, just pat dry the area, because remember, it’s a wound at this stage.

Okay, much care huh? Don’t worry, just simple steps left and you’ll get a healthier and fresher tattoo.

So now your tattoo is completely dry, you wanna apply another layer of antibacterial cream, a thin one, just feel the area is moist to ease scabbing and drying out. if you apply a big layer, you’re actually gonna block your pores which can cause breakouts in the skin. Depending on where the tattoo is situated in your body, healing would take from 7 to 10 days minimum and that will make you think about the type of clothing, and let me tell you this straight: the least contact your clothes or hands with the tattoo the better it s going to be! You wanna opt for baggy clothing, tracksuit pants if the tattoo is on your leg. Doing the opposite of that will only increase the healing time, and affect the quality of your tattoo, so no tight clothes.

This next tip might seem annoying, but you have to apply the antibacterial cream 3 times per day in the next 10 days, just take the tube with you wherever you go so that you can apply it during the day. to make things easier for you, whenever you notice your tattoo getting dry apply the cream, that’s it.

also you gonna notice during your journey, that the tattoo is getting itchy, so please avoid scratching it, it’s the worst thing you would give to the area, but if it feels really really itchy just use the tip of your fingers and gently rub it as well as, using sunscreen if you intend to go out on a sunny day. In addition to that, avoid swimming and submerging yourself in a spa or pool; you can’t do that unfortunately during the healing time.

Finally, your tattoo is fully healed, it’s been 3 weeks, there is no more itching, no more scabbing or dry skin, don’t think that the care will stop here no no! If you want to prolong the quality and the life of your tattoo, I mean the brightness of the colors, you’re gonna need to use things every now and then, like sunscreen, and bio oil which would work perfectly if you apply it at night since it’s an oil, so it would do its job during the night.

if you know more tips for tattoo aftercare, share it with me and other readers In the comment section!