vaseline beauty hacks


I can admit that Vaseline is the thing I can never ever live without. Literally, it’s a grace and I’m very glad that it is cheap. There are numerous beneficial Vaseline beauty hacks for skin care, hair… Beauty in general, I pick for you guys my top 10 uses of Vaseline:

  1. For eyelashes: sit there for a moment and think of what you’re giving to your lashes; mascara, mascara, lash curler, fake lashes’ glue and mascara again! And in return, you’re asking for long strong lashes? Must be kidding me. Just do a simple effort after removing your makeup at night; apply some Vaseline to your lashes and sleep. I’m gonna let you discover the result by yourself when you’re gonna wake up in the morning. You’ll be totally amazed.
  2. For your eyebrows: Vaseline can cleanse your pores so that your eyebrows hair can grow faster and stronger. It doesn’t hurt to try!
  3. For your hands and feet: apply Vaseline to your feet and hands at night to wake up with super soft skin!
  4. Use Vaseline as a makeup remover: yes it can completely remove your makeup and makes your skin moisturized and soft.
  5. Hair use: apply it to your hair’s tips and you will notice that they’re gonna look more healthy and shiny.
  6. For nails: if you’re looking for shiny strong nails then, Vaseline is your sweetheart.
  7. For your lips: after putting Vaseline on your lips use a tooth brush and rub that in, to exfoliate them. But don’t go too hard with it!
  8. For a ponytail hairstyle: Use Vaseline to let your baby hair sit there in order to get the perfect ponytail, and look amazing the whole day!
  9. For your under eye area: we know that the skin around our eyes is pretty thin and sometimes dry, that’s why apply Vaseline to your under eye area to prevent dryness. So this is how to simply save up to 10$ for an eye cream 😉
  10. To soften your face skin: Use Vaseline as a night cream to make your skin soft and glowing, and no need to worry about pimples and acne because it doesn’t block your pores, it cleanses them instead.

So, simple beauty hacks right! I know, but just to let you know guys that there are a lot more uses of Vaseline. I’ve shared with you just my top 10 vaseline beauty hacks to use them on a daily basis.

Let me know in the comment section which one is your favorite!